Challenge: Textile and laundry companies often need to clean water for reuse or prior to discharge to meet municipal restrictions. Filtration systems must be able to handle a high degree of variability in the presence of various contaminants – including dirt, oils, fats, fibers and other solids. Traditional filters, however, often cannot operate in these conditions without frequent plugging and backwashing – leading to higher maintenance and consumables costs, higher downtime and the risk of surcharges.

SolutionThe TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filter offers a cost-effective solution for treating and reusing water in a variety of laundry markets – from healthcare and hospitality to commercial laundry. Similarly it can help reduce problem solids in various textiles markets, including natural, synthetic and nonwovens. Customers can reduce cost of ownership through higher uptime and water recovery, lower maintenance and consumables, lower surcharges, and downstream asset protection.