Challenge: As the demand for water grows worldwide, so does the need for water treatment and reuse solutions. Because industrial facilities are huge producers of wastewater, their ability to cost-effectively treat, reuse and recycle water, plus reduce surcharges, is critical to profitability. Traditional filters, however, often cannot adapt to changing water conditions or handle high levels of solids without plugging and backwashing – leading to higher maintenance costs, consumables costs and downtime.

SolutionThe TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filter is designed to treat nonpotable, high-solids wastewater in variable conditions without constant plugging, even in the presence of fats, oils, greases and fibers. Often used as a prefilter to ultrafiltration systems, its reliable performance is helping facilities adhere to local regulations for reuse and discharge, reducing surcharges. It further helps reduce cost of ownership through higher uptime and water recovery, lower maintenance and consumables, and downstream asset protection.