Challenge: Studies show that upstream oil and gas industries produce more water than they do oil and gas, raising environmental concerns about water consumption and sustainability. This, combined with new water-intensive technologies, such as hydraulic fracturing in new shale developments and enhanced oil recovery, is driving demand for advanced water treatment solutions. However, conventional filtration systems are typically not well equipped to consistently handle high solids in the presence of oil and grease, requiring frequent replacement which increases maintenance and consumables costs.

SolutionThe TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filter cost-effectively removes solids from nonpotable water prior to disposal or reuse, even water in the presence of oil and under variable conditions. As a result, it is enabling companies to increase uptime, reduce waste and protect downstream assets. Furthermore, because the TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filter is compact with high throughput, it is an excellent mobile solution for treating frac water for recycling and reuse.