Challenge: Food and beverage processing companies often generate significant volumes of wastewater, high in both solids and organics, which can lead to costly wastewater surcharges or fines if not removed. Onsite wastewater treatment beyond coarse screening can be daunting as it often involves complicated chemical and/or biological processes which can require a lot of space, maintenance and specialized expertise. As a result, many processors have chosen to pay wastewater surcharges rather than navigate the challenges and capital costs of treating wastewater. Still others are “stuck” with expensive, maintenance-intensive systems that need to be enhanced.

Solution: TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters are making wastewater treatment attainable for companies new to treating wastewater, and more efficient for those with existing, installed systems. Our filters offer a simpler way to get rid of the yuck – meaning high solids, including fats, oils and greases. TEQUATIC PLUS Filters are designed to physically remove finer particles than coarse screens can, and to do it with less labor intensity and a smaller footprint, e.g. less waste, space and chemicals, than systems like settling, dissolved air flotation (DAF) and other dead-end filtration systems.

The self-cleaning properties of TEQUATIC PLUS Filters allow them to run consistently and effectively in nasty conditions where traditional filters often fail. They not only provide a realistic option for first-timers trying to reduce wastewater surcharges, but also for companies looking to improve the efficiency of their existing, underperforming system.