Challenge: Pulp and paper mills are heavy users of water and are seeking solutions to enable water reuse and treatment prior to discharge. Water quality is highly variable and contains high fiber content. Reducing total suspended solids (TSS), however, is challenging because traditional filters cannot handle high levels of solids without frequent plugging and backwashing – leading to higher maintenance and consumables costs, higher downtime and the risk of surcharges.

SolutionThe TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filter is a versatile solution to water treatment challenges throughout the pulp and paper operation, including fibers removal. It can, for example, treat difficult feedwater as a prefilter to UF or remove particles and fibers prior to water reuse throughout the pulping process. It can also treat used process water before discharge to a municipal wastewater treatment plant, helping customers meet local regulations and reduce surcharges. Customers can also reduce cost of ownership through higher uptime and water recovery, lower maintenance and consumables, and downstream asset protection.